The RSI Team


ROAD SAFETY INTERNATIONAL offers a select team of road safety engineers, road safety auditors, traffic engineers, trainers and presenters; specialists in all aspects of road safety engineering.

RSI associates have worked in more than 40 countries, on small, medium and large‐scale projects.


  • Phillip Jordan - Principal Road Safety Engineer and International Engineering Consultant

  • Maurice Burley -­ Senior Road Safety Engineer

  • Mike Goodge -­ Senior Road Safety Engineer

  • Andrew Jordan -­ Traffic Management Specialist

  • David Nash - International Road Safety Engineer


Phillip Jordan - Road Safety International Founder Click to view CV

Phillip Jordan is the founder of Road Safety International Pty Ltd. After a distinguished technical career of 32 years in VicRoads (the road authority for the State of Victoria, Australia) Phillip has been a successful consultant since 2005.

With experience in 41 countries including most countries in South and SE Asia, Phillip is widely recognised for his ability to lead stimulating road safety engineering workshops, for his work in preparing manuals on a wide variety of road safety engineering topics and for his consulting work advising governments on road safety engineering.

As a pioneer in the road safety audit field, Phillip has assisted government agencies, universities and other road authorities with the implementation of the road safety audit process. He has wide experience in blackspot investigations and the development of low-cost countermeasures. Phillip is the Principal Consultant and Managing Director of RSI, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Engineering Science (Transportation) degree.




Mike Goodge

A graduate from Leeds University (UK) and with a Master’s degree in Transport from the University of Massachusetts, Mike has over 45 years’ experience in road safety in more than 30 countries. His expertise includes the management of multidisciplinary teams of road safety professionals engaged in reviewing, evaluating, planning, implementing and coordinating road safety strategy and action plans, accident data analysis, accident black spot investigation, road safety audits, road safety education and publicity programs. He has extensive experience in implementing road safety projects throughout Asia. 

Now a resident of Lao PDR in SE Asia, Mike’s international experience includes a diverse range of projects in countries as varied as UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kenya and Yemen -  to name a few.



Maurice is a graduate in Civil Engineering with extensive road engineering experience including road safety and traffic engineering in Australia as well as project leadership and road safety projects in the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Samoa.  He has experience in accident blackspot investigation and treatment, road safety audit, functional design of intersections including traffic signals and roundabouts, traffic management devices, signs and pavement markings as well as training and mentoring of local engineers.

In particular, Maurice has extensive experience in the development of road safety engineering manuals, standards, guidelines and procedures for a number of countries – Australia, Dubai and several in South East Asia including the Philippines and Indonesia.  This has involved consultation with local staff as well as workshops during the developmental stages. In the past decade, Maurice has established himself as one of the leading practitioners in the field of freeway ramp metering (using advanced traffic signal technology to meter entering traffic onto crowded freeways at peak hours in order to reduce overall delays and to reduce congestion).


Andrew Jordan

Andrew is a young engineer with much practical experience in road work safety and traffic management at road works.

He is a qualified civil engineer with an Advanced Diploma of Civil Engineering and has practical experience managing traffic management at road work sites. Andrew is in the enviable position of being capable of communicating with engineers as well as TMSC’s and workers about road safety at road work sites. He develops traffic management plans for road work sites, and oversees their installation. He has assisted RSI Pty Ltd on short term inputs during projects in Vietnam and Indonesia in recent years. Of note is the fact that he is developing solid experience as a trainer in road safety at road work sites in Indonesia.

He is the holder of a Certificate of Traffic Management, allowing him to undertake the role of Traffic Controller at road work sites in Victoria (Australia). He has been responsible for setting out traffic management schemes at many construction sites in Victoria and has used a Stop/Slow baton at many of those sites. His practical experience and qualifications in this field are invaluable in his training role.