Road Safety Audits

Road Safety International has wide experience in road safety audit. RSI was one of the pioneers of this process in Australia and has contributed to the advancement of road safety audit in more than 20 countries in the past 19 years. RSI has written, or led the publication of, five national road safety audit manuals; RSI has led more than 150 technical workshops on road safety audit, and RSI has now undertaken several hundreds of audits – at planning, design and post-­‐opening stages.

  • Preparation of six national road safety audit guidelines (for Australia/New Zealand, Dubai, the Philippines, Albania, Armenia, and Eritrea) plus technical advice and inputs to four others (Canada, South Africa, Islamic Republic of Iran and India).
  • Preparation of road safety audit guidelines for the English county of Oxfordshire and for the Australian state of Victoria during the pioneering days of road safety audit.
  • Preparation of state and national policies on road safety audit for Victoria, Dubai, Albania, Eritrea, and the Philippines.
  • Instigator and lead presenter of more than 85 road safety audit courses throughout Victoria (Australia) from 1993 until present. More than 2500 professionals have been through these courses to date.
  • International experience in leading more than 60 road safety audit courses in 15 other countries (and being translated into six other languages).
  • Extensive experience advising government departments, NGO’s and other groups on road safety audit, especially the implementation of audit, in some 20 countries to date.

Great Britain (1990 ­‐ 1991 & 2003)
Author of the Oxfordshire Road Safety Audit guidelines, and responsible for implementation of road safety audit in the County Engineer’s Department. Keynote speaker and Chair at International Road Safety Audit Forum, London. Lead presenter of the road safety audit workshop for the London Borough of Fulham and Hammersmith.

Australia (1992 – 2005)
Project Manager of the AUSTROADS Road Safety Audit project, leading to the AUSTROADS Road Safety Audit guide (1994 and 2002 editions) Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) committee on Implementing Road Safety Audit in the United States, Committee Chair of ITE Developing Programs in Road Safety Audit committee; member of the PIARC Working Group on Road Safety Audit in Committee C13

New Zealand (1992 & 1993)
Consultant to TRANSIT New Zealand for the implementation of road safety audit throughout New Zealand

Singapore (1999, 2000, 2003 and 2009)
Lead presenter for three organisations, including the Singapore Land Transport Authority, for three-­‐day training workshops on road safety audit. Assisted TMS Consultancy in June 29009 with road safety reviews of four projects at various stages

South Africa (1998)
Principal road safety and traffic engineering consultant to Project Asiphephe of the Department of Transport, KwaZulu Natal Province, Republic of South Africa for the development of a road safety strategy, implementation of the road safety audit process, and road safety audit courses

China (2009)
Specialist road safety engineer assisting the Jiangxi Provincial Communication Scientific Research Institute in road side hazard management along the Third Jiangxi Expressway (including bridges and tunnels). Presenter of a 2 day road safety engineering workshop for the Hubei Road Safety Institute in Wuhan (WB funded)

Canada (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 & 2004) 
Lead presenter for several organisations, including the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), and the Quebec Ministry of Transport, at six road safety audit courses. Consultant to ICBC and the Quebec Ministry of Transport on implementation strategies for the introduction of road safety audit into those Provinces

United States of America (1999 & 2000)
Lead presenter at road safety audit training courses in Maryland (2), Kansas (2), Pennsylvania, Missouri and Nevada

Thailand (2000)
Consultant to the Chulalongkorn University on road safety audit matters, keynote speaker at the first Thai Road Safety Audit Summit, and lead presenter at the first road safety audit course

Hong Kong (2000)
Principal consultant to the Transport Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on the implementation of road safety audit

India (2001 & 2005)
International specialist adviser to the Central Road Research Institute during the road safety audit of the upgrading and strengthening of National Highway 2. Team Leader of the audit team undertaking Package A of the NHAI audit of National Highways (in Rajathstan). Eritrea (2002)

Road safety engineering specialist undertaking road safety audits of 950 km of the primary road network, training local engineers in road safety audit, assisting with a national road safety strategy and preparing a national road safety engineering manual (including a major section on road safety audit).

The Philippines (2003)
Prepared the Road Safety Audit Guide for the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), prepared the instructors manual and the student’s manual for a national road safety audit course, and led the first two such courses in Manila and Cebu City.

Laos (2003)
Lead presenter at the national road safety engineering workshop – covering crash investigations and road safety audits.

Spain (2003)
Lead presenter at three major road safety audit courses, and advisor on the introduction of road safety audit in Spain.

Albania (2004 and 2005)
Road safety audit specialist on the Albanian Road Safety Project, preparing the national road safety audit guidelines, leading training courses, recommending a policy for the General Roads Directorate (GRD) and leading pilot audits.

Islamic Republic of Iran (2004, 2005 & 2007)
International consultant to the local consortium during the development of road safety audit guidelines and the implementation of road safety audit in Iran. In August 2004, presented the first road safety audit workshop in Iran (Tehran). In 2005, and again in 2007, led four training courses on road safety audit in major cities around the country. International advisor to a local audit team auditing several sites including a snow tunnel outside Tehran and a new By-­‐Pass near Rasht (Northern Iran) in July 2007.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2004)
Lead presenter of the first road safety audit course (Riyadh).

Azerbaijan (2008 and 2009)

Road safety auditor of the Baku-­‐Georgian Highway and the Southern Corridor projects (ADB funded).

Indonesia (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009)
Road safety engineer undertaking the audit of the Tohpati-­‐Kusamba By-­‐Pass (Eastern Bali) for DGH (WB funded). Lead presenter of two, five-­‐ day road safety engineering workshops in Jakarta for DGH. Blackspot engineer responsible for investigating blackspots on the Cipularang Toll Way, Eastern Java for DGH and BPJT. (WB funded). Road safety audit specialist to EINRIP (AusAid funded). Road safety audit specialist for the Regional Roads Development Project (ADB funded). Road Safety Audit Specialist in the INDII Program assisting Bina Marga engineers with training in road safety engineering across Indonesia (AusAid funded)

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