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Blackspot investigations are a well-­‐accepted practice in many countries, but they are still quite new in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. They provide excellent economic returns to the community in crash savings and they have been demonstrated in many studies worldwide to be very cost effective. However, they depend on good crash data and a supply of experienced road safety engineers. Both of these have been absent in so many of these countries until very recently.

RSI is uniquely placed to fully understand the needs and objectives of your blackspot needs. We have delivered successful blackspot investigations in more than 20 countries to date and are expert at achieving low cost practical solutions and following them through to implementation with the Client.

We like to schedule our work plan to start immediately approval is given for a blackspot project, with the aim of completing much of the data gathering and crash analysis at an early time – enabling meetings with regional/operations engineers to take place early in the process. This approach permits our Project Team to have adequate time to brief Client representatives about the investigations, to help them identify the resources needed for implementation, and to instil a sense of “ownership” into the project.

RSI also prefers to use these blackspot investigation projects to assist with the training and development of local engineers. We therefore encourage involvement of an audience of the Traffic Police, Client engineers and other engineers from other agencies so that they become familiar with the key elements and issues relating to blackspot investigations.

Once we are satisfied that we have all available crash data for the blackspot locations we commence the preparation of collision diagrams and crash factor matrices – ensuring that these are prepared for each blackspot prior to the site inspections. The inspections will take place during both daytime and night time and local engineers are encouraged to join in for experience.

RSI Teams maintain focus on providing quality investigations, detailed one-­‐on-­‐one mentoring, excellent interesting and challenging training workshops for the target audience. Our Team will encourage and inspire your engineers to achieve safer roads for all your road users.

Reports are kept sharp, accurate and relevant. They include photographs, collision diagrams, crash factor matrices and other necessary items about the blackspot. All reports are prepared in English but can be translated into other languages as necessary for maximum understanding in the Client agency.

We are fully aware that achieving implementation of the recommended countermeasures at the blackspots can be a major challenge in this Activity. We address this issue up front by ensuring that all our work is accurate, succinct and understandable. We meet face to face with key Client representatives at the earliest opportunity in order to assist their understanding of blackspot investigations and to gain their trust and “buy in”.


Blackspot investigations | Pedestrian safety | Road Safety