Indonesia (from early 2005 until present) Phillip Jordan and colleagues have worked in Indonesia on several road safety projects since 2005.

The main tasks have included:

  • undertaking the audit of the Tohpati‐Kusamba By‐Pass (Eastern Bali) for DGH in 2005 (World Bank funded)

  • Lead presenter of two, 5-day road safety engineering workshops in Jakarta for DGH

  • Blackspot engineer responsible for investigating blackspots on the Cipularang Toll Way, East Java for DGH. (World Bank funded).
  • Road safety audit specialist to EINRIP during the detailed design stage and construction stage of EINRIP projects (AusAid funded).
  • Road Safety Audit Specialist in the INDII Program assisting Bina Marga engineers with training in road safety engineering across Indonesia (AusAid funded).
  • Lead presenter at numerous "Road Safety at Construction Sites" workshops (in Banda Aceh, Palembang, Banda Lampung, Jakarta, Mataram, Denpassar, Makassar and Banjarmasin).
  • Author of a book of instructions for setting out safe road works (for use by contractors and consultants).
  • Author of three technical manuals for DGH engineers and other professionals on:
    • Road Safety Engineering for Indonesian Roads
    • Roadside Hazard Management
    • Road Safety at Road Work Sites
  • Working with Infinite Films to produce three matching DVD's on these three technical topics. Work included filming, editing, translating and voice over as well as animation.
  • Pakistan
  • Road Safety Consultant to the Asian development Bank during the preparation phase of the road safety component of the NH-5 Corridor Improvement Project (2006)
  • Singapore Singapore (1999, 2000, 2003 and 2009)
  • Lead presenter for three organisations, including the Singapore Land Transport Authority, for road safety audit training workshops.
  • Sub-consultant to TMS Consultancy with road safety reviews of four projects at various stages




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