Indonesia (from early 2005 until present) Phillip Jordan, Mike Goodge, Andrew Jordan, Maurice Burley and Infinite Films have each worked in Indonesia on one or more road safety projects since 2005.

The main ones include: - undertaking the audit of the Tohpati‐Kusamba By‐Pass (Eastern Bali) for DGH in 2005 (World Bank funded)

  • Lead presenter of two, 5-day road safety engineering workshops in Jakarta for DGH
  • Blackspot engineer responsible for investigating blackspots on the Cipularang Toll Way, East Java for DGH. (World Bank funded).
  • Road safety audit specialist to EINRIP during the detailed design stage and construction stage of EINRIP projects (AusAid funded).
  • Road Safety Audit Specialist in the INDII Program assisting Bina Marga engineers with training in road safety engineering across Indonesia (AusAid funded).
  • Lead presenter at numerous "Road Safety at Construction Sites" workshops (in Banda Aceh, Palembang, Banda Lampung, Jakarta, Mataram, Denpassar, Makassar and Banjarmasin).
  • Author of a book of instructions for setting out safe road works (for use by contractors and consultants).
  • Author of three technical manuals for DGH engineers and other professionals on:
    • Road Safety Engineering for Indonesian Roads
    • Roadside Hazard Management
    • Road Safety at Road Work Sites
  • Working with Infinite Films to produce three matching DVD's on these three technical topics. Work included filming, editing, translating and voice over as well as animation.
  • Pakistan
  • Road Safety Consultant to the Asian development Bank during the preparation phase of the road safety component of the NH-5 Corridor Improvement Project (2006)
  • Singapore Singapore (1999, 2000, 2003 and 2009)
  • Lead presenter for three organisations, including the Singapore Land Transport Authority, for road safety audit training workshops.
  • Sub-consultant to TMS Consultancy with road safety reviews of four projects at various stages